Eric L. N. Jensen

Astronomy Research and Teaching

  [T Tau at 10 microns] [T Tau at 0.5
  T Tau in the infrared T Tau in visible light
  Why so different?

I'm a professor in, and chair of, the Physics and Astronomy Department at Swarthmore College. My research interest, broadly speaking, is astrobiology, the study of the origin and distribution of life in the cosmos. This page gives a short introduction to what I do.

Astronomy Research

Astronomy Teaching

Increasingly, I've been using Blackboard or Moodle as the course web page for courses I'm teaching.  One downside of that is the difficulty of linking to those courses so that people other than the students can see what I'm doing.  Below are links to a few course pages that should be accessible (though in some cases they link to more recent iterations of the courses, taught by other people).

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